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Black in the Future II.jpg

Alexis’s work asks us to reconsider our impressions of the Black American experience. What do we know, not about Black people, but about the Black person? Her images reframe the sociocultural violence assigned to Black bodies through a sharp, careful, intelligent aesthetic. These pictures ask viewers to step outside of their assumptions and gaze through a mix of mediums: collage, photography, painting onto a complex metaphor about individual identity. There is a horror-movie-can’t-look-away attraction to the dismembered representations of the body. Black Femininity shows up in this work, but instead of being torn apart by the eyes of the outsider, these works have torn themselves apart - reconfiguring their own bodies to rebuild Black identity without regard for a white definition.

Alexis Childress is an Atlanta based photographer and mixed media artist born and raised Illinois, relocating to Georgia in 2013. Inspired by Afrofuturism, her work manifests her experiences growing up as a black woman in the rural Midwest, using technology to examine race, culture, autobiography, and self-perception. She received her BFA from Georgia State University and her work has been shown with Atlanta Photography Group Gallery, Day and Night Projects and published in Under the Bridge Zine.

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