Conner Calhoun

Conner Calhoun is a queer, multi-media artist based in Raleigh, NC, and has been working as the special projects coordinator at LUMP projects since January 2017. Inspired by illuminated manuscripts, faerie gardens, gay wizards, and glitter dungeons Calhoun creates visual metaphors and stories. Spider web songs, sunflowers in the shapes of UFOs, and sparkly gay wizards they use the tools of rhetoric against its self, questioning the story as moral compass. They received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in Visual and Critical Studies. Their most recent projects include a solo exhibition at LUMP projects, Whispers from Wizard Mountain. A public art piece at Dorothea Dix Park, Write me without roots. A two-person show with Bill Thelen, Soft Power, at My Room (Carborro NC). They have been awarded the Regional Emerging Artist Residency at Art Space NC (2016), the Leipzig International Artist in Residence Scholarship (2016), and the Rhodes Family Scholar Award for Mixed Media (2016) and they were recently chosen to be the Artist in Residence at Obracadobra (Oaxaca, Mexico) for the Summer of 2019. Their most recent curatorial projects include a group show at LUMP, Trace Message From Under Quarry Stone. And several evenings of experimental, noise performance. They also occasionally perform under the nickname Connie.