Leah Piepgras

Leah Piepgras (1970) is informed by brain science research: specifically Stanley Koren’s God-Brain Helmet, Jill Bolte-Taylor’s book My Stroke of Insight, and the coastline paradox, ultimately extrapolating that we have the ability to see more than what is visible, if we are given the tools to look. Piepgras believes that the act of self-reflection is part of the primal urge to deeply understand our inner and outer surroundings. Through drawing, sculpture and installation, she supplies the viewer with tools to deconstruct and reassess the relationship to the self, while examining a connection to a greater physical experience. She holds a BFA in sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from Carnegie Mellon. Piepgras has shown nationally and internationally. Select exhibitions include: the Spring Break Art Fair in New York, Hall Space in Boston, Grin Gallery in Providence; the Sarah Doyle Gallery at Brown University, St. Botolph’s Foundation in Boston, MA; the Bass Museum in Miami, FL; The Chelsea Art Museum in New York, and the Cushing-Martin Gallery at Stonehill College.