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 Hippocampus’ delight !!


Tired of all the rules? Come and play.... 

with them we have a great supply here. 

Don’t forget! It’s all or nothing! Everyone 

will b there! Take it all ! be careful! 



Tons to see here.. The freaks also love it. 

game up party down, splish splash 

don’t dash too fast 



>:-{ be good to the ground 

U dig ? 

Ox ox ox ox aux


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz      zzzxzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

&a1! &a2! &a1,2,3! 4!




   fringes_..._ poof !    ✰

toiling ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Foil Inc.  “Underbelly Hack” 

Illusionary overload ...Opulent!?  


: 4 freakazoids’


facades’ ssss,,,

Armor up!

:-)                          It playtime 





For this exhibition, Shlooewp invites you to enter the maze and meet all sorts of new pals. They have plenty to say and various awesome skills. Or enjoy a beverage by the fountain! The world’s your oyster, come play!





Shlooewp is a collaborative duo comprised of artists Sabo Boden and Kira Hynes. They received their BFAs in Sculpture from the University of Georgia in 2019. Sabo and Kira first met on the basketball court in 2008 and as artists, they create the majority of their work collaboratively.  Shlooewp personifies rejected notions of normativity and creates a space for empathy and curiosity, using relevance with irreverence and gooey textures.  Their work aims to transport viewers via some type of portal towards a discussion of bodily discomfort, queerness and the self. The use of vibrant colors, exaggerated textures, interactions, everyday materials, and trash work as access points for the portal.  Sabo and Kira also curate group exhibitions such as, ‘Congeal’, at UGA’s Margie E. West Gallery in 2019.

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