Camayuhs is a home.  Camayuhs is also an artist run gallery located in the Peachtree Hills neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. Programming aims to highlight emerging and mid-career artists.


I had a wonderful dream about going back to the original camellia that took all night that I will tell you about sometime. In an office you can’t sit listening to dreams.  First there were all the billions of camellias in the world, that was how it started.  Then these just narrowed themselves down to millions, each showing how it was a variation of what, then these narrowed themselves down, and so on, back and back, further and further, and all the time I had to hold on fast (it was like being in a strong wind) or I could never keep it straight or learn it exactly. It was like a wonderful problem in deduction but it had all kinds of importance attached, I forget what. So the plants narrowed down and narrowed down, all night, and finally there were only three left and still I held on, and then all of a sudden there was only one, the original bush, and I looked and the leaves stirred and I got to see it.


- Eudora Welty



I just pissed in the kitchen sink because uh, if the phone has enough signal I’ll just go outside and piss near one of the gardenias, the azaleas, the camellias, or the crepe myrtles because you know, they like the the acid, but I didn’t think the phone had enough signal.


- John B. McLemore

The 'back room' of the gallery currently houses a semi permanent, partial installation by 

Lauren Clay from her show at the gallery, Porthole Portico. The show was reviewed as an

Art Forum 'Critics Pick'.